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07 Apr 2011
3. white light LED illuminates the new photo source application prospect.Tahitian pearl In order to explain that white light LED the characteristic, has a look at the flare photo source condition which first present uses. The incandescent lamp and the halogen tungsten lamp, its light effect is 12~24 lumens per watt; The fluorescent lamp and the HID lamp's light effect is 50~120 lumens per watt. Dialog light LED: In 1998, the white light LED light effect only then 5 lumens per watt, has achieved 15 lumens per watt to 1999, this target and the common home use incandescent lamp are close, but when 2000, the white light LED light effect has reached 25 lumens per watt, this target and the halogen tungsten lamp are close.Freshwater pearl Some companies forecast that to 2005, the LED light effect may reach 50 lumens per watt, when to 2015, the LED light effect hopes to achieve 150~200 lumens per watt. At that time white light LED operating current then might reach an ampere level. Thus it can be seen the development white light LED writer with the lighting source, will become the possible reality. The ordinary illumination uses although the incandescent lamp and the halogen tungsten lamp the price is cheap, but the light effect low (lamp's thermal reaction uses wastefully electricity in vain), the life is short, maintains the work load to be big, but if makes the illumination with white light LED, not only the light effect is high, moreover life long (above continuous working time 10000 hours), does not need to maintain nearly. At present, German Hella Corporation used white light LED to develop the airplane reading lamp; Australia a capital Canberra's street has used white light LED to make the street light illumination; Our country's municipal transportation management lamp also correct use white light LED substitution early time traffic order indicating lamp.South Sea pearl May foresee the near future, white light LED decides will enter the family substitution existing flare. The LED photo source has the use low pressure power source, to consume energy, the serviceability to be strong few, the stability is high, the response time short, does not have the pollution, the multicolor illumination to the environment and so on merit, although the price existing lighting fixture is expensive, was still considered that will be it inevitably the existing illumination component. LED characteristic and merit The LED intrinsic characteristic had decided it is the most ideal photo source replaces traditional the photo source, it has the widespread use. The volume is small LED basically is a very small chip is sealed inside the epoxy resin, therefore its unusual small, unusual light. The power consumption is low LED consumes the electricity to be low, generally speaking the LED working voltage is 2-3.6V.Golden South Sea pearl The operating current is 0.02-0.03A. That is: It consumes the electricity does not surpass 0.1W. The service life is long Under the appropriate electric current and the voltage, the LED service life may amount to for 100,000 hours High luminance, low quantity of heat Environmental protection LED does by the non-toxic material, does not look like the fluorescent lamp watery mutual finance association to cause the pollution, simultaneously LED may also recycle uses again. Firm durable LED is by the complete seal inside the epoxy resin, it is firmer than the light bulb and the fluorescent tube. Lamp in vivo also does not have the loose part, these characteristics caused LED to be possible saying that was not easy to damage. in 1998 turned white light LED to develop successfully. This kind of LED is (YAG) seals the GaN chip and the yttrium aluminum garnet is making together.Jewellery Manufacturers The GaN chip bluing light (λp=465nm, Wd=30nm), the high temperature agglutination makes is stimulated this blue light sends out after the Ce3+ YAG luminous powder the decadent photoemission, peak value 550nm. The blue light LED substrate installs in the cup reflection cavity, the cover mixes has the YAG resin thin layer, approximately 200-500nm. The LED substrate sends out the blue light part by the luminous powder absorption, Huang Guang who another part of blue light and the luminous powder send out is mixed, may obtain the white light. Now, regarding InGaN/YAG white LED, through changes the YAG luminous powder the chemical composition and adjustment luminous powder level thickness, may obtain color temperature 3500-10000K the assorted white light. This kind obtains the white light method through blue light LED, the structure is simple, the cost is inexpensive, the technical maturity is high, therefore utilizes many. In the 1960s, the scientific and technical worker tied the illumination using semiconductor PN the principle, developed the LED light emitter diode. At that time developed LED, used the material was GaASP, its illumination color for red. After near 30 year development, everybody familiar very LED, has been able to send out, the orange red now, yellow, green, blue and so on many kinds of colored lights. However illuminated white light LED which needed only in the recent years only then to develop, here to the reader introduced that the related illumination used white light LED.LED light


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